Sebastian & Maggie the hedgehogs

For those of you who adore hedgehogs this is definitely a blog for you, hedgehogs are adorable little animals that can capture even the hardest of hearts. To give a little background, Sebastian was the first hedgehog I brought into my home. He was a month and a half when I picked him up from a private breeder, he was the most adorable little ball of fuzz and prickles I had ever seen. He’s grown quite a bit since then, he’s now almost two years old and is the size of a large orange. As for Maggie she is the newest addition to the family, I founder her by chance when I was looking at tortoises at an exotics store.Maggie will be a year old come Autumn, she is incredibly energetic and loves to be around the family.

Each hedgehog has their own kennel and accessories for said kennel, unfortunately each hedgehog is on a different time schedule. While Sebastian is a night owl, Maggie loves to be up and running during the day. Despite their differences I love both of them equally, they are both my adorable little pinecones.

(Sebastian when he first came home up above)